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Things to Remember About Doing Crystal:

  • It depletes your body's fluids. You've got to drink lots of water to make up for them. Drink water continuously during a speed run.

  • Drinking alcohol may only further cause dehydration. Easy does it on the booze when tweaking.

  • Eat something while you're high on speed. Even small meals and snacks are better than nothing. Feed your body the fuel it needs.

  • When you get home from the club, sleep a little to avoid crashing (getting moody, violent, depressed, paranoid). Even a little nap will help out.

  • It may make you horny as hell and make sex feel more fantastic. Be careful to stay safe while high. Use condoms and plenty of water based lube when fucking on crystal. Check the condom every so often to make sure it's still on and has not broken. Switch to a new condom for a longer fucking session – condoms don't last forever!

  • If you slam or shoot speed, don't share your needles or rigs. Trade them in for new ones at an exchange site near you: call 861-6710 for location and times.

  • Take vitamin C or apply vitamin E oil to reduce scarring from shooting up.

  • If you're trying it for the first few times, do only small amounts or "bumps." This will help lower the chance that you'll crash hard. The less you crash, the better you'll feel. You'll also be less likely to want to do more the day after to cure the feeling of crashing. That's how people get hooked on speed – using greater amounts at a time and using more frequently to avoid the negative effects of crashing.

  • SPEED IS NOT THE SAME AS COKE. A line of speed can keep you up for days. Easy does it.

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