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The following quotes are some excerpts from 3 "Talking Walls" which were posted at 16th, Noe, and Market on the fence. Hundreds of people wrote answers to the questions: "Why do we love crystal?" and "How do you know you're a tweaker?" The walls appeared in the Castro from November 1 through December 30, 1996. Look for future walls in Castro and South of Market!

See also: "Crystal Confessions" or post your own thoughts on Crissy's Cyber Wall

"Cause sex was never better"

"Paper plates are better"

"The psychotic sex of course"

"Ahh – the energy"

"I am woman, I am invincible"

"I can put big things up my butt"

"Because it's crystallicious"

"Crystal es la fuega del poder"

"It makes the insecure feel pretty!! And it's so important to us to be pretty"

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