We are updating our site as of November 2017. While much of what is on this site is accurate, you may encounter out of date information as this site has not been updated for a while. Please be patient with us as we get everything current.
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Tweaker.org places social marketing messages in the Bay Area Reporter and Gloss Magazine. You can visit our large poster display on Castro Street at Market, or check out our bathroom ads at several locations throughout the city of San Francisco.

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Remember when a bump off a key was enough?

Remember when a quarter was enough for the weekend?

Remember when an 8-ball was more than enough?

This Little Sex Piggy

Hot Sex: Red

Hot Sex: Tom and Parker

Hot Sex: Derrick and Jay

Hot Sex: Michael and Mario

Hot Sex Without Crystal?

Life, Is It Just a Game?

Losing It?

Logo Poster 2006

Share the Pleasure

Logo Poster 2004

Think You Know Me

Care About HIV

Glued to the Internet

Up All Night

On Weekends

Were You High

Remember When

The Party Life

Treat Your Trick Right

Up in Smoke

Glamorizing Speed

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