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meth production





You're already aware of the caricature of the meth cook racing around town to all the Walgreen's or Rite Aids or Eckerd's, frantically buying up all the cold medicine he can get his hands on. Why, you might ask? Here's why: the main active ingredients are ephedrine and pseudoephedrine. But because the state and Federal governments continue to control access to these substances, they can be very hard to get in quantity. Sure enough, there are cooks who make speed locally but depending on where you are in the country, the meth you see or use might have been produced in countries where access to ephedrine is less stringently controlled, if it's controlled at all.

Increased regulation of pure ephedrine and pseudoephedrine has meant that even more toxic substances are used in order to strip the desired chemicals from other products. Thus you have those alarming "It's made of battery acid and fertilizer" stories. Technically, it's made with a bunch of scary stuff. But that doesn't mean that some of the base ingredients' other chemicals won't remain in the finished product. And that's why there can be variations in the consistency and color of what you've ended up with in your quarter gram baggie.

Cooking speed is a very dangerous process, involving a variety of liquids and solids, almost all of which are toxic all by themselves. The most common way to produce meth is a quick cook process that requires only a few hours. And that's a chemistry class disaster waiting to happen since there's all that liquefying and making gaseous and heating in makeshift pressure cookers and filtering and on and on and on. Trailer park firestorms or explosions in out of the way motel rooms, anyone? The mess that's left over after production is really nasty and there's lots of it. For each pound of product there's about five pounds of residual chemical crap to contend with and whom do you think takes care of that stuff? When the authorities go in to clean up, those guys are wearing Haz-Mat space suits!

Last though not at all least, you've got to wonder about what the speed is cut with, meaning what solid substances have been added to the meth to stretch out what has been produced. Do you really think you're getting pure product? Think again. In California we've heard about a variety of things being used as cut: talcum powder, salt, sugar, antidepressant meds like Prozac, HIV meds like protease inhibitors, Ritalin, adult and infant laxatives and Epsom salts.

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