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filter and draw!



The popular conception of cotton fever is that it’s a piece of cotton fiber that gets lodged somewhere in side of you. This is a myth! It’s actually a virus or bacteria that will get you ill. We do highly recommend filtering with clean, preferably sterile cotton.

It's a good idea to filter your dope while drawing it up into the syringe. If done properly, filtering acts as a shield against potential impurities.

Cotton is the best filter to use for crystal. Needle Exchange provides two types of cotton. The first is called ‘dental cotton’ because it’s used in dentist’s offices. It comes in very small pellets that are bagged in clear, plastic ziplocs. The other
cotton is the standard puff you would find in any drugstore. You can also use the cotton from the end of a Q-Tip. Just break off a small piece.

To filter the dope, draw clean water into your syringe and shoot it out on to the crushed powder. The finer you crush the dope, the better it will dissolve. When the dope is completely dissolved, place the cotton in the liquid and wait until all the liquid becomes absorbed.


... With the plunger of the syringe fully depressed, place the bevel (or eye) of the point into the center of the cotton and pull up on the plunger. The liquid dope and water mixture will enter the syringe.

Shake or tap the rig to release any air bubbles.

Carefully depress the plunger until the dope reaches the top of the barrel. Be careful not to press too hard on the plunger or the dope will squirt out and be wasted.

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