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finding veins




To shoot dope, you need to find a vein. The best place to look for veins is the crook of the arm. These are called the cubital fossa, to be technical. The veins found here are close to the skin’s surface and therefore, easy to spot given their large size and distinctive, bluish color.

If you have trouble finding a vein or would like to make them more pronounced, try some of these methods:

... Use a tourniquet to tie off. It needs to be above the mound of the bicep. Do not tie off on top off the muscle or on the lower arm.

Hang your arm lower than your waist and clench your fist for a while.

Gently tap or slap the crook of your arm with your other hand.

  Use a hairdryer on your arm because heat will draw veins to the surface.

  Do a few pushups. Blood will rush to the veins, making them easily visible.

Soak the site in warm water.

Above all, stay calm! Frustration will only make the situation appear more desperate and you may miss your shot.

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