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maintain healthy veins



To reduce damage to the veins:

When shooting crystal or drugs of any kind, it’s important to rotate your injection site. When you stick a needle in your skin, it leaves a hole that needs to heal. The same is true with your veins – the hole you poked in your vein needs to heal as well. You can help keep your veins in good shape if you let one spot heal completely before you hit near it again.

If you don’t let veins heal, you can get:

... Collapsed veins (completely stops functioning).


Leaky, wasted shots.

Abscesses from leaks and missed shots.

You may push a blood clot into your bloodstream. In a worst case scenario, a clot can lodge in your lungs or brain; this could kill you.

If it’s possible, choose a different vein each time you inject. When you do use the same vein, get in the habit of choosing a different spot along that vein. This allows more time for the last site to heal more fully and can also avoid the danger of scar tissue building up at overused sites. Scar tissue can create blockages within the vein that can significantly decrease their
ability to circulate blood. In the worst case scenario, an overused site can cause enough scar tissue to be present to collapse the vein completely.

If you must use the same vein, shoot downstream from your last shot (farther down the vein toward your heart). This can prevent you from pushing any blood clots into your bloodstream from the old site.

No matter how careful you are, it’s important to know that a batch of meth may contain additives that will not dissolve completely. These solid particles can clog the blood vessels leading to vital organs – like the lungs, liver, kidneys or brain. The consequences can be serious infections, restricted circulation or even death of small patches of cells in vital organs.

Track Marks & Scarring:

If you notice track marks forming, break open a Vitamin E gel cap and apply the liquid goo directly to your skin. Vitamin E can help speed up the healing process and help avoid the formation of scar tissue on the surface of the skin. Avoid putting oils or a cream on the wound until it has started to scab over. Putting oils or creams on too soon can cause infection and scarring.

The bottom line, be careful while injecting!

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