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Illustration: smduarte.com

Rigz Shoots Clean. Wanna know how? 10 Slamming Points in Four Easy Steps
– A User-Friendly Guide

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on the left to download an Adobe PDF file for printing and distribution.


Step 1: Prepare Your Hit

(1) Wash your hands and the container you're gonna mix your dope in – soap and tap water is great.

(2) If you can get some, sterile water is best for mixing the hit, and make sure the hit is completely dissolved!

(3) Filter your hit through a clean piece of cotton as you draw it up, and of course use a fresh new syringe! Filtering will keep out chunks and some of the cut.

(4) Backload only if you're really in a hurry. How? Put the dope directly in the barrel of the point, add water and shake-shake-shake... voila!

Step 2: Prepare Yourself

(5) Where you gonna hit? Find a reliable spot, like in the crook of your arm. Look for the fattest, bluest vein. Try to rotate where you hit...that way you won't wear one spot out. Remember, neck, hand, and leg veins are super-risky! And make sure to avoid arteries.

(6) Pump it up! Get and keep your veins ready to rock: do some push-ups or warm the area with a compress and use a tourniquet.

(7) When you're ready, wipe the sweet spot with an alcohol pad – if you don't have one, just use soap and water. Abcesses are ugly and can be dangerous.

Step 3: Prepare for Lift-Off

(8) Get to the point – put the point at a 45° angle. Be sure to register by checking for the flash of blood when pulling back the plunger. Untie the tourniquet and ease in the hit. If it burns or stings, you probably missed...so STOP and pull out the point. NEVER muscle or pop meth!

Step 4: Prepare for the Next Time

(9) Always use a new sterile point. The folks at Needle Exchange will be happy to see you and can give you something for nothing if you come empty-handed. Can't get to exchange? In California, if you're 18 or older and can prove it with ID, you can purchase AND possess up to 10 syringes without a prescription. If these options don't work out, soak your old points in bleach for three minutes and rinse them with clean water before using them again. Bleach is very likely to kill HIV but is it not effective against Hep C.

(10) They're your sidewalks too, right? Don't throw used rigs in the gutter or in the trash. Store them in a glass jar and bring 'em to the Exchange to trade for new ones. Or you can get a free sharps box at Walgreen's stores- they're free and they're cute and they hold about 100 old points.

Slamming can be intense. Maybe it's not the way to go for you? Perhaps you want to give your veins a break? You can snort, smoke, booty-bump, rail...

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