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High on speed, in the way that is desired and sought by users; see also: Over-amped.


Bag Fag:
A straight man that has sex with other guys when he receives a bag of dope in return.

Bag Whore:
Cruising for drugs more than the hook-up, a bag whore is the person who is always happy to use your stash but never has or buys speed of their own; a person who replies to “has favors” and “can host” profiles but never provides the speed.

A small amount of speed, usually less than a line, most often snorted.

Someone who manufactures meth.

A variety of speed commonly seen as “dirty” or “dishwater”; cheap, crappy speed; see also: Dick Dope, Raw.

Coming down from high. Symptoms include physical exhaustion, sleepiness, depression and mental confusion.

The kind of speed we seek out, in its “pure” crystalline form, looking like bits of glass or ice; see also: Shards.

Dick Dope:
Also called Dirty Dope, this term refers to cheap, less-than-pure (though very little of what we get is truly pure, right?) speed.

A hit from a pipe; blowing a white cloud of smoke so thick, it goes straight to your dome.

The amount usually ingested via whatever means of administration one has chosen; this can be a Bump or a Line or whatever other amount one uses.

Someone who burns the dope inside a PIZZO.

Think the 1970s and cocaine; a literal line of powdered speed ready for snorting.

Match Head:
The amount of crystal that used to get you through 12 cocktails and a whole night at an after-hours club (about the size of the ignitable end of a match, but isn't enough to get you out of bed today.

Higher than you want to be, too much of a good thing way too soon.

Glass pipe used for smoking meth, also known as a bowl, stem, tool or utensil.

A syringe; also called Rigs, Sets, Fits, Pencils… check at your local needle exchange and ask what they call them.

One-fourth of a gram, the usual minimum purchase amount.

Using incrementally larger amounts over an accustomed, usually short period of time in a an attempt to reach the desired effect; this is something that comes with practice.

As in Crank and Dick Dope above, this is crappy, dishwater dope akin to old-school biker speed.

Skid Marks:
Black carbon on the outside of a PIZZO, caused by the lighter or torch.

A straw or gutted pen used to snort/scoop/handle meth.

Trail Mix
Ecstasy and speed in powdered form, usually heard &/or shared on the dance floor via a bumper. Sometimes it’s coke, not speed mixed with the E.

Ounces, when purchasing or selling in such quantity/volume.

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