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what guys do on speed




Clubbing | Party and Play | Good Housekeeping!


Dancing for hours on end is an end in itself for many guys. Often, it’s where people get introduced to the drug.

Things to watch out for:
Dehydration – not having enough water in your system. This is particularly of concern for guys who are taking X and crystal together. Did you know, most X has speed in it? Crystal use can increase risk for heart attacks, particularly when exercising vigorously on the dance floor for hours on end.

Strategies to reduce potential harms:
Drink lots of water. Alcohol and caffeine will make you piss more which is great for water sports but bad for hydration. Not every dance space has fountains, but tap water from the bathroom does not differ from faucet water from the kitchen. Drink lots!! Wear clothes that allow you to sweat. Polyester is not only hideous but it also won’t let your body breathe properly which will increase your body temperature, which will dehydrate you more. If you’re gonna dance all night, take lots of breaks, both to unwind a little and rehydrate. Sometimes, taking a walk through the parking lot will give you a needed breath of fresh air and a bit of an adventure! If there’s a history of heart disease in your family, be sure to have a doctor check out your ticker no matter what your age. If your father or brother had a heart attack prior to age 55 – or your mother or sister had a heart attack before 65 – definitely find out how much stress your heart can handle.

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Party and Play

PNP or ‘Party and Play’ means doing speed (the party) and having sex (the play). It can last for several hours or days of near continuous sexual activity.

Things to watch out for:
Breaks in the skin: All that friction during long sex sessions can cause abrasions. Your dick can feel like it has been sunburned, your nipples can feel like you ran a marathon without a jog bra and your asshole can feel like the TransBay Tube. All this activity can increase your chances of exchanging an STD, including HIV, but it will also just leave you sore for a few days. Condom Breakage – For some reason they have yet to develop a condom that will last for 9 hours of continuous fucking! Not eating or sleeping for several days plays havoc with your entire body and increases susceptibility to all diseases. Sharing toys – dildos, butt plugs, that type of thing – can also mean you're sharing diseases. Before anything goes in you, make sure it's clean. Most guys notice that their standards for sex partners change between 3pm and 3am. Well, on a three-day jag, your impeccably high standards in sexual partners can change from Mr. Right for the Night, to Mr. Right Now, only to end up with Mr. Available. And who knows the sexual health of these people? Find out! And of course, you end up being Mr. Available to someone else. A multi-day sex jag can undo several months at the gym, a fifty dollar hair-cut, hundreds of dollars of skin and hair care products, and the hours you spent selecting the right outfit. For heavy sexual scenes (heavy SM, role play, fisting etc), especially with relative or complete strangers, the more loaded you are, the more you can get lost in the scene which, of course, is one of its attractions. Generally, it is a good idea to keep at least one foot in reality just in case the fantasy takes a nasty turn and you need to break the scene.

Strategies to reduce possible harm:

Change sexual positions often, increase the amount of lube that you use or put on new condoms on some prearranged schedule. Set a timer to remind yourself to give your body what it needs: water, medications, a rest, some food, etc. You can use an alarm, timer, when a CD or video stops playing, or timed lights. Not recommended: candles (fire hazard), or relying on a non-alarm clock (Do you really think you could remember a target time or look at the clock regularly?). Cock rings, when left on for hours, can cause major problems down there. Best advice: use a leather tie and loosen it every once in a while. Set target limits for how long you want to binge before your binge begins. You can control this by controlling your available cash. Giving the rest of your available cash, credit and ATM cards to a trusted friend may work and will certainly prove if you can trust your friend. A better method would be to put your money and plastic in a safe deposit box on Friday so it’d be difficult to get until Monday. Drugs, heavy sex (S-M, role playing or fisting) and strangers can be a very dangerous combination. Don't get into anything too heavy with a stranger or someone you don't trust. Even if you set limits, if both or all of you are on drugs, your limits may go out the window.

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Good Housekeeping!

Frequently a solo activity. Pretty self-explanatory.

Things to watch out for:

Wrinkling and abrasions: Most house cleaning materials are harsh on the skin. Toxic fumes – Harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia emit gasses that can be dangerous if inhaled. Don't pass out in the fury of your Joan Crawford scouring session! Make sure you open windows and properly ventilate your home.

Strategies to reduce potential harms:

Wear gloves, use skin moisturizers, open windows, take oxygen breaks and drink lots of water. Set a timer – decide how long you want to clean.

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