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For guys who use and even for some who don’t, crystal meth has earned an infamous association with sex. After having sex on crystal, some guys find that plain old sex is boring, not intense enough, not exciting enough. Eventually some of us felt like we couldn’t have sex without it. We might like being dominated in bed, but being dominated by crystal isn’t fun for anyone.

Some of us use when we cruise because we find that meth heightens arousal and increases sexual stamina. There’s also the delayed orgasm which makes play time go on and on and on. It’s a big drag that impotence is a common side effect. This impotence is sometimes called crystal dick. You’re sexually aroused but your cock won’t cooperate; you can’t keep it up or, even worse, get it up in the first place.

Crystal meth may increase your confidence at the same time it lowers inhibitions. Under the influence, we might give in to our impulses and do stuff we might not otherwise have done. There’s a big risk of HIV infection through unprotected sex and perhaps more so while under the influence of meth. How come? Often enough, when we’re zooming, everything we’ve been told, learned and practiced in terms of safe sex seems to be forgotten. And it’s forgotten when we need it most because when we’re high sexual activity and the desire for it increases like nobody’s business. Some men who get fucked while they’re high on speed are less sensitive to pain and may find themselves seeking out, asking for and having more aggressive sex for longer periods. Nothing wrong with an aggro-fuck now and again, but without feeling all of what’s going on, injury is more likely to occur and the risk of HIV infection is increased. If you party and play, use lots of lube and, if you can, condoms to decrease the risk of HIV infection.


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