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What should I be looking for?
Aha! That’s the whole point. You can’t tell by looking. Most people who are HIV positive don’t show any symptoms for years after they’re infected. And with all the meds these days, it’s even longer for most guys with HIV. And some tweakers who’ve been cracked on for too long can look pretty ragged, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have HIV. Only a test will tell you for sure if you, or he, has HIV.

There are no particular symptoms for AIDS anyway, just the symptoms of opportunistic infections. But you don’t have to have symptoms to spread the virus. Or even know that you have it to spread it! So get tested.

Getting Tested
A simple test can determine if you are infected with HIV. And nowadays, you don’t even have to give blood to find out. There's an oral test that quickly and painlessly collects cells from your cheek and gums. The HIV tests find antibodies in your system which naturally develop in response to contact with the virus. Usually, the antibodies appear within a few weeks of infection, but, in rare cases, it can take up to six months. So for some period after you’ve been infected, you can still test negative even though you’ve actually got HIV. If you want to be really sure, get test again in a few months.

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