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Not so late breaking news: outside of total abstinence, condoms are still the best way to prevent HIV transmission.

Tweaker.org wants you to have a lot of hot sex. And to know the options so you can decide what works for you.

Some guys don't use condoms or don't use them all the time.
Still, there are more ways than the one we all know for guys to reduce their risk for getting or transmitting HIV. And it's good to know that we have options when choosing to have sex the way we want to and lower our risk at the same time.

While there are lots of things that lower our risk, it's important to know that none of these strategies are foolproof. When we're out in the mix and having sex with other guys, there is some risk of getting or transmitting HIV.

  • Use condoms for anal sex with guys whose HIV status is different from yours.
  • Use condoms for anal sex with guys whose HIV status you don't know.

If condoms aren't in the picture

  • Have sex with guys the same HIV status as you. (serosorting)
  • Only do things you both agree to, like having the HIV negative guy do the fucking. (seropositioning)
  • Use lube and LOTS of it! This reduces the amount of tearing in the ass, tearing that might help HIV transmission happen.
  • Have more fuck buddies than anonymous partners. In other words, know your tricks better and treat your tricks right.
  • Don't miss the money shot! Pull out before you cum.
  • Use condoms for anal sex with guys whose HIV status you don't know.
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