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how do you get hiv?



HIV is spread through bodily fluids ??? blood, cum (including pre-cum) and again, if you swing both ways, vaginal fluids. And since sex is generally all about exchanging body fluids, we’re really in trouble here. Thank god, the worrisome body fluids don’t include spit, sweat, or piss!

If you’re HIV negative and like to bottom, getting fucked by someone who’s HIV positive and not using protection (a condom - either the male or female condom will do) is the thing that will most likely get you infected. And if you’re poz, fucking a guy without protection is the way you’re most likely to infect a guy who’s negative.

The only other thing that’s as high risk, for those of you who are negative and slam speed, is sharing points with someone who’s HIV positive (although research indicates that fucking without condoms is how most gay guys, even those who shoot crystal, get HIV). And, if you’re poz, sharing a needle with someone who’s negative is highly likely to infect them.

Pulling out before cumming reduces the risk somewhat but remember all those Catholics who practiced “the rhythm method” and ended up with kids. Can you say precum?

The next most risky activities are fucking without protection with someone whose HIV status you don’t know or sharing needles with someone whose HIV status you don’t know. And for some of us who frequent dark alleys or bushes, we rarely know the name of our fuck partner, never mind their HIV status!

The risk lessens from there. Unfortunately for those of us who love to be on the bottom, the next most risky act if you’re HIV negative is to get fucked by someone who is HIV positive WITH protection. That’s right! This is because condoms can break or come off, especially if you’re high and going at it for hours and hours. So remember, LUBE, LUBE, LUBE! And if you’re fucking for hours and hours, also change condoms once in a while - they do wear out. And you HIV poz tops need to remember these things also!

The next lower level of risk is ??? being a top without using protection. (Aren’t you tops just special!) But although topping is much lower risk than bottoming, it’s not zero risk. Tops can and do get HIV. But not nearly at the rate that bottoms do.

After that, comes topping with protection and again, the only reason that this is in the list at all is because condoms can break or come off. So use protection with care and, honey, come on, don’t expect a condom to last through hours of high speed fucking (no pun intended).

Also, for those who like things other than dicks up their butts ??? be careful using dildoes and other sex toys with that hot trick. The virus can live long enough on a dildo ??? or whatever else you’re using ??? to go from one person to another. To be safe, use a condom on the dildo (and use a new condom for every new butt it’s ramming). And if it’s not a brand new dildo, make sure that the toy is clean before you use it ??? wash it well before sticking it up there!

Another thing that every sexually active guy should know is that having any other STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) like gonorrhea or chlamydia or syphilis significantly increases the likelihood of giving or getting HIV. And for guys who are already positive, these STDs can worsen HIV disease. So get checked regularly for all those other little critters than can invade and sicken your dick or your butt or your throat. These STDs at least are curable - but only if you know you have them which you might not cause you can have all of them without any symptoms. So get screened and treated if you have anything.


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