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Crabs are small bugs that make a home in the hairy areas of the body. Usually, they nest in your crotch but can also be found in armpits, eyebrows and scalp. Crabs can multiply quickly on the body because they lay eggs which eventually grow to full size crabs. Fully-grown crabs can be seen by the naked eye & look a lot like sea-crabs.

Most people figure out they have crabs because they find themselves scratching their crotch a lot ??? ever seen a dog with fleas? It’s usually the itch that gives them away but sometimes you can notice lots of little rust-colored dots or creepy crawlers when you take off your underwear ??? especially if you wear tighty-whiteys or other underwear with elastic around the thighs.

Treatment for crabs is a pain in the ass. To kill the bugs on your body, it’s best to get a special cream or shampoo from your doctor. There’s also a new pill you take which will get rid of them in one dose. But if you can’t see a doctor, ask your pharmacist for an over the counter cream or shampoo. The tough part about getting rid of crabs is that they live on in your clothing ??? so everything has to be washed in hot, hot water, including clothing, towels and bedding.

If you do laundry at a Laundromat, getting hot enough water to kill the bugs can be difficult. Here’s a tip: Put all of your laundry into one pile. Then, pull out only the stuff that you’ll need for 4 days ??? and plan on wearing only one pair of pants. Think of it like packing for a very light trip. Then, place all the other items in large garbage bags and don’t touch anything in there for 4 days ??? crabs can’t live on their own for that long. With the laundry you need to use, let it soak in boiling water for about 10 minutes before washing.

Do the right thing by letting your sex partners or tricks know what’s been growing on your crotch. Especially if you want to sleep with them again. And don’t have sex with anyone till the crabs are gone ??? it just takes a few days.

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