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Gonorrhea, "the clap," is a curable bacterial infection of:
the dick
the butthole
the lining of the eyelid
and the throat.

Gonorrhea is spread through fucking, rimming and oral sex. It can also spread to the eyes and the throat. Even if no-one cums during sex, the gonorrhea bacteria can still be present.

While some men may show no symptoms, others might experience:

Yellowish-white discharge from the penis
Itchy ass, anal discharge, pain when shitting
Burning or pain when pissing
Peeing more often than usual
Pain or swelling of the balls

Gonorrhea infections of the mouth and throat are usually without symptoms. If present, symptoms include soreness and redness in the mouth or throat. If gonorrhea infects the eye, you might experience conjunctivitis which is redness, itching, and discharge from the eye.

Gonorrhea is generally treated with antibiotics. You can be infected over and over again, even after you’ve been treated.


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