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intestinal parasites



There are a few parasites that can live in your stomach or intestines and really mess you life up for a while. The symptoms are: gas, bloating, bloody diarrhea, super-smelly farts or bowel movements, cramping and fatigue. If you notice any of these symptoms, or have a real change in your bowel movements, go to the doctor and get a simple poop-test to see if you’ve picked up an intestinal parasite.

Poop-tests are simple. Your doctor will have you give a stool sample and then look at it under a microscope to see if anything is growing. If they do see parasites or their eggs, you’ll have to take a round of medication to get rid of them. Most people find that the cure can be as bad as the symptoms ??? but have no fear, you’ll survive it.

The way that gay guys are getting intestinal parasites is by having a little bit of someone else poop get in their mouth. It can happen when rimming someone. But it can also happen by fingering someone’s butt and then accidentally getting that finger too close to your mouth ??? like when you’re spitting in your hand. And it can also happen when you’re fingering someone and then you use that hand to open a condom with your teeth. Or it can happen if you blow a cock that’s already been up someone’s ass or playing with used toys. Rule of thumb: Be careful with what goes into your mouth.

There are lots of intestinal parasites with fancy names: Giardia, Shigella, Amoebas, Cyclosporiosis, Cryptosporidiosis and there are lots more. Don’t worry about which one you have or if you have more than one ??? just worry if you’ve got one. If in doubt, see your doctor and ask for a poop test.

Do the right thing by letting your sex partners or tricks know, especially if you want to sleep with them again. And don’t have sex with anyone till the bugs are gone ??? it just takes a few days. You can be infected over and over again, even after you’ve been treated.


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