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We drink alcohol in one, some or all of its many forms. A not exhaustive list includes beer, champagne, liquor, mixed drinks and wine. In its natural state, alcohol is a clear liquid.

In the immediate and short term, alcohol decreases inhibitions and relaxes us. Sooner than later it causes dehydration and depression. Chronic heavy alcohol use can be destructive to our livers especially if are dealing with Hepatitis C or HIV medicaltions.

Here are some tips that may come in handy when looking to manage the way you drink and lessen the risks related to drinking:

  • Have dinner before going out drinking.
  • Try not to "catch up" to your friends that have been drinking for a while by taking shots and downing drinks, which can lead to black outs.  Try having a couple drink while you are getting ready to go out, that way you have a little buzz going when you get there.
  • Beer before liquor drunk quicker (mixing drinks can cause you to get SICK).
  • Don’t mix beer/wine/spirits or your wheats and your ryes.
  • Alternate alcohol with a non-alcoholic bevrage.
  • Limit your spending money, as a means to limit your intake.  Only take a certain amout of cash out with you and leave your debt card at home.
  • Maintain pacing by being in charges of the rounds.
  • Beer bust or 2-4-1? Give one away to a friend in need.
  • Politely excuse yourself and throw up.  Throwing up is your body's natural way of detoxing.
  • Mix with water instead of soda. Its low cal , no carbs, and no sugar.  FYI studies show that mixing your alcohol with a diet drink may cause you to absorb the alcohol at a quicker pace.
  • Pace your alcohol intake with bitters, soda and lemon. It also helps with digestion.. 
  • Water is free, stay hydrated.
  • Start a new tradition with non alcoholic shots.
  • Lessen the hang over by drinking sports drinks that contain electrolytes.

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