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ghb bottle

This used to be something we could get from the health food store or, more likely, our nutritional supplements purveyor of choice. But not anymore. This colorless, odorless and salty-tasting liquid is most often swallowed, usually mixed with water. Chemically it's known as gamma-hydroxybutyrate though some of us cute it up and call it liquid E.

We've all seen the biggest buffest party boy brought, quite literally, to his knees on the dance floor only to be carried out the door and dumped unceremoniously on the sidewalk out front of the club. That's because the key with G is dose control! We always mix and carry our own when we're planning to use G. A teaspoon is a sufficient amount if the G is diluted, one-half teaspoon or less if it's not. With these low doses, which are sufficient to get the feeling we want to get, there's a sense of calm and lowered inhibitions.

We try to remember that G takes about a half hour to come on and its peak is long gone by the second hour. This is really important to us so we don't re-up too soon and bring it all crashing down on us.

At higher doses, which can be easily reached if we're not paying close attention, there's dizziness, rapid sedation, nausea, muscle stiffness and confusion. In rare cases there can be coma with respiratory collapse. GHB does not, we repeat does NOT, play well with others and so we never mix it in with other drugs, particularly alcohol.

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