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When You’re Crashing and Coming Down

1. Consider increasing your vitamin intake or start taking some. Crystal use can deplete many vitamins and minerals, especially if you’re dehydrated and skipping meals.

2. If you’re already taking a multivitamin, make sure it has B-complex in it. The B vitamins help stabilize metabolism, no matter what you’re up to.

3. Vitamin C always gets depleted if you’re dehydrated. You need this to help your immune system do its very best for you.

4. Eat complex carbohydrates while you’re using and after you stop. This can make the crash less severe.

5. Cranberry juice is a great flush for all sorts of stuff in your body. It also gives your kidneys a boost.

6. Remember oral hygiene! There’s no need for you to be another tweaker with bad gums and missing teeth. Take some time to floss, use mouthwash and gently use a soft toothbrush. Keep that mouth of yours looking and feeling its best!

7. Take it slow when you’re crashing. Take deep breaths. Relax.

8. If you need a helping hand to relax, masturbate.

9. There are lots of herbs you can take to help you relax…head to a health food store and let them know what you’re looking for.

10. If you’re crashing and get upset, try to ask yourself, “Is this my psychodrama or just a really bad crash?” Don’t make any big or important decisions or take desperate actions while you’re crashing. Focus on safety and comfort.

11. Sooner or later, sleep is a good thing. If you can’t sleep ‘cause you’re still high, try closing your eyes and relaxing your face. Try to find a restful state for yourself. Interested in meditation?

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