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When people check out this site or see our printed ad campaigns, they’re bound to have some kind of reaction. Frankly, that’s really the point of our meth awareness efforts. In a giant nutshell, we simply want people to have access to any information that might help them think and act in a way that is less detrimental to themselves and the people around them.

Not so surprisingly, we get a lot of email from people when they react to the site and its content. Here’s a compendium of some of the latest and greatest. We’ve also tossed in some images of graffiti that periodically adorns our publicly posted ad campaigns.

Love Us

Robbie from Melbourne, Australia writes:
this website has opened up my eyes and set me on a path that feels more right than ive ever felt in my life, all the way from AUS i want to thank you and whoever has been involved in this much needed voice… Keep it up ;)

Curt from Orange, Ca writes:
I was very impressed with the website. I don’t use meth (or any recreational drug) but sometimes I hook up with guys who are very obviously having serious problems with meth use. I usually like the guys I hook up with (yeah, weird, I know) and it’s been very frustrating not knowing anything to do to help. It’s great to see some hardheaded realistic approaches to harm reduction, use reduction, and quitting, written from the viewpoint of users and ex-users. Now at least I’ve got things I can do when somebody tweaks out or crashes at our house.

Kyle from Manchester, CT writes:
fucking amazing, thank god some people are out there trying to make the world a happier, healthier, and safer place for us sweet homos

Do not use tina myself but have seen lots of acquaintances get into trouble with it, especially in my fisting circles.

Christopher from Dallas writes:
I love the site, I’m very glad you have this, I stopped using a year a go and its been hard but I now stay away from it and people who use my life is so much better…

Eric from Bedford, IN writes:
That was awesome. Thanks for caring enough to share. I’m a 41 y.o. gay male. I was pretty moved when I started reading some of the information on your site. I have friends at IU Campus who I am going to share this with…God Bless you.

Robert from Ames, IA writes:
I think the site is very informative and factual. Why don’t we really find a natural cure and try some thing that is natural? A cure that doesn’t have the fingers of the Politicians and the Drug companies, and the USDA’s dirty little fingers in on the solution to the problem. Let’s try to find a natural cure for the problem.

Bill from London:
Fuckin’ Brilliant!

.....reading things like your site helps me keep focused on not using…. reminds me of the price ya pay for that crap.

Sandy wrote:
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
30 plus years. Been there, done that. Desperately trying not to do it all over again. Say a prayer, mantra, voodoo curse, whatever you do for me, please? Again, thanks for your great site, I will be back, many, many times!

Francois from Montreal wrote:
Hi there!
My name’s Francois, living up here in the cold.
Some new words recently heard, here and there, crystal is one of them.
BTW, excellent site, thank you!
Really clear, well-explained, nice job!
Take care guyz!

Chuck wrote:
Great site. Lots of good information. I was wondering if you’d created a tee shirt with the Tweaker.org “Devil” logo on it? It’s a great logo and with guys wearing it could only bring awareness to the site.

Schazophant wrote:
Kudos to you for this site! Wish it were around when I was Tina’s bitch! I lost it all! My apartment on the beach in the OC. my job… my dream of living in Cali the rest of my life. I lost everything but my car, which got me back home to my parents at age 28. Broke and unemployed. I’m grateful they never asked why. (They didn’t want to know). Now, 8 years later I finally bought my own home in the Chicago ‘burbs and am working up the corporate ladder at a Fortune 500 corporation. It took a while to get my life back on track, but I want others to know there is life after Tina. I don’t condemn my friends here that do it. I just don’t want them to make the same mistakes I did… THANKS FOR YOUR DEDICATION AND SUPPORT!

Brent from NYC wrote:
I am really impressed with your website. It offers invaluable information to the Gay community and anyone trying to find info on crystal. I myself have never used drugs but have a boyfriend who is in recovery and wanted to learn more. Thanks!

Judy wrote:
Hi there
I’m an HIV prevention educator and I want to thank you for putting up such a candid and educational site. We know that meth has infiltrated this area but I have no idea what its prevalence is – and I was pretty ignorant about it. I learned a lot from your site.
Thank you!

Sexy Tom wrote:
Thank you so much for your website. You guys have taught a young gay man what to be aware of while hitting up the clubs. I just would like to know if you will be expanding your website to incorporate the usage of other drugs; such as coke and heroin. Thank you again!

Nick from Atlanta wrote:
When I saw the ad for tweaker.org on the Manhunt.com website, I was really appalled. “How can they be promoting this dangerous lifestyle?” But having looked thoroughly at your site, I realize that the straight-forwardness and frankness is what will empower people to make their own decisions???educated decisions. We all know of course that continually chastising and scaring people about drugs only increases the mystique. Please advertise and gear your website to the whole party community, not just the gay set. I know more straight people on meth than gays.

Bryan from Austin wrote:
I just started playing around with Tina and came home the other night after parting for 3 days straight and cried my eyes out wondering why I have aloud myself to fall into this shit. I just came across your website today and read everything and it all makes sense. I am not an addict but I feel that just by getting the facts it all is clear and very simple to me now. I didn’t need it in the beginning and I don’t need it now. I’m worth more than this shit and it will not destroy the person I am. I am in control and I want the best for my life. All neg. things must be removed and Ms. Tina is evil and must be destroyed! (LOL) I feel that since I just started sampling this stuff that I know now that there is no room for this in my life. It was fun but it is not worth the destruction that it WILL cause for me and the people around me. Thank you for a wonderful website and straightforward info about this drug. Now since I have the facts, now I have no excuse to allow this in my life.

Nino wrote:
GOOD JOB you guys!!! The poster is very “catchy”. I thought it’s going to be some other porn sites. Your site is very educational and the graphics made the site fun and not boring. I admire you for doing this. Keep it up and hopefully more people can get into you and learn a lot of things too.

Bookie Boi wrote:
I just quit as of late. I had two months into Phoenix; before I found the crowd I kept myself from. I feel proud, but while I have been sparingly using over the past few years going crazy each time and spending far too much on phantom trips. I’m working on writing a book, as I’m sure most everyone tries. But it’s more for me to actually get a grip on things and see where things went wrong. I didn’t use heavily, I didn’t do much more than smoke and occasionally snort. My anxiety is what got the best of me! And, of course, “the shadow people” and that pet cat who is actually a briefcase in the corner. I’m rambling, but I wanted you to know your site helped me use responsibly I suppose. Thank you for helping me be smart about a stupid choice.

James wrote:
What a great site. I appreciate the fact that it doesn’t try to lecture or scorn, but rather, offer useful, helpful info as well as personal accounts (forum is particularly interesting!) Many thanks!

Jenna wrote:
I just wanted to tell you guys that I’ve found this website to be extremely informative and helpful. I am actually a straight girl, but feel right at home here. You people really know what you’re talking about and I have had so many questions answered. Just wanted to let you know how rad you are. Thanks again

Nick wrote:
First time I’ve actually read your site. All I can do is say thank you.


For a while there were a lot of these standard issue tweaker.org stickers placed, not directly by us, inside gym lockers around town. Eventually someone paid attention and gave us a new web address:


One of the first “Think You Know Me?” campaign stickers we slapped up around town. It was almost like a game show because the very next day someone had answered:


We meant it as a rhetorical question when we asked, “Think You Know Me?” on a series of stickers and posters. Someone clearly thought otherwise when he emphatically answered:


He had something to say and used a Sharpie to say it! Someone really went to town on one of the posters we displayed on Castro Street here in San Francisco:

Hate Us

anonymous writes:
You guys are so stupid, meth brings nothing positive into this life.

anonymous writes:
You Idiots are reprehensible! How to Slam? Tweeking tips for party boys? Yeah, I can see you're REALLY anti meth use. What Bullshit! Your cute little logo, porn star endorsements, sure do get the message across. Do the Meth, but be careful; and the sex will be hot!

anonymous writes:
its utterly disgusting how u advertise and promote an unhealthy lifestyle of meth and sex!

Olen from San Francisco, CA writes:
I feel your porn meth campaign will have the opposite desired effect of its intent. Further associating meth with sexual subjects – no matter what the message or intent – simply reifies that drug into a larger force to be reckoned with – and everyone loves sex. This association creates a large, looming, mysterious entity that infiltrates the naive mind with its sexual associations, as does the constant conversation about it. Unfortunately, when people choose to reckon with meth, they often ruin their lives. They consciously “know” that it may not be in their best interest, but subconsciously it has been heightened, sexualized, and been made highly desirable. It’s as if Nancy Reagan hired Cicciolina or Pam Anderson for her “Don’t Do Drugs” campaign. Thanks for your time…

William from San Francisco, CA writes:
I saw your most recent anti crystal ad with the porn stars. Yes they are hot but what hypocrites. Please do not even try to fool me and tell me that the porn industry is not doing some illegal drug to enhance their bodies or their sex scenes. Do not even try to tell me one drug is ok and one is not.

i think you’re on drugs is what i think

John from Palm Springs writes:
I think it is reprehensible. By not taking a stand against meth use, you implicitly “enable” addicts, as the AA and NA people call it. Has the world become so politically correct that we are no longer allowed to take a firmly oppositional stance toward self-destructive and illegal behavior? I don’t believe there is such a thing as “minimizing risk” when it comes to such a phenomenally addictive substance. I am unapologetically and unreservedly judgmental about crystal meth use.

anonymous from who-knows-where writes:
i think part of the site glorifies the use of meth. ur use of cute cartoon figures with horns and a flirt wink give the wrong impression. finally any “how to” inject guideline with exclamation points and “other ways of doing tina if shooting is not for you” is irresponsible. get real.

John from Charlotte writes:
What a horrible concept! I can’t believe the content I found. Even as an extreme liberal, I find this the exact reason why people vote republican. They think if things get too liberal the world will go to hell. This website is a tribute to a subculture wishing for demise… And to try to sugarcoat your agenda is even worse. Your website sucks.

B.N. Miles wrote:
To be honest with you people. What kind of shit is this? The use of crystal meth is a very serious problem. (I know)! Why don’t you tell people how and were to find help? People are dropping dead. People are getting HIV and HEP C. And the information in this web site is the fucking best you can do? Get with the program folks.

Gerald H. wrote:
Meth is never okay and this site is fuckin’ ridiculous! Fuckin’ fags!

B. Karimian wrote:
What a sick and twisted website. Shame on all of you. I hope you get help one day.

GymStud wrote:
Ur site is really evil, u teach people how to inject drugs, the devil is your sign? Are you proud of yourself? What comes around goes around? I hope the FBI shuts u down

Nikki wrote:
This site seems to encourage the use of Meth, which is disgusting because this drug is “killing” people who are all over the world. Meth is a drug the gov’t allows to keep down the lower class. PLEASE, for your own sakes, see what this drug is. It’s not HIV that is the risk; it is METH. Fucking idiots!

Jeffrey C. wrote:
I think you should take out some of the true stories. I am appalled at some of the stories on here. You are promoting the use of Crystal Meth. I have almost died from using. And there is nothing funny about that. I would approve of stories of usage and recovery. But not just saying how much fun it is with no solution to the problem. If you would like to ask me questions, I would accept the request.

Kittenbootle wrote:
How are you going to have a website that shows people how to do meth something that ruins peoples lives? Yeah okay you give links to recovery but you also show them all the ways to screw up their lives. GOOD ONE! How can you sleep at night?




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