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When You're About To Use

1. Set limits for yourself before you use. How much will you use? How long will you stay up? Where will you go when it’s time to crash?

2. Plan your spending. Think about avoiding impulse spending. Decide before you go out how much you’re willing to spend and take only that amount of cash. Try leaving your ATM, debit and credit cards at home.

3. Be a party planner! Plan your party time to include crash time. This sounds obvious but it’s important. How long is your rebound? Calling in sick to work every Monday doesn’t ensure job security. Trust us, they notice!

4. If you can, party with people you trust. Make sure there’s someone you can talk to honestly about your drug use and the problems you might encounter along the way. This doesn’t have to be someone who uses, just someone who will listen to and hear you.

5. If you’re going somewhere with a risk of pick pocketing, say that sex club or the back room you’ve heard about, bring minimal cash and one piece of personal identification. The less you have on you, the less you might lose.

6. Keep some extra cash, say a folded up $10 bill, in your sock or shoe or in that extra little pocket on the right side of most jeans. This money could be cab fare or something else you need when there’s no ATM in sight.

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