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When You’re Cutting Back or Trying to Stop Using

1. It takes about 12 days from your last use for the brain chemistry and body systems to get back into normal mode. Cutting back the frequency of your use may be the way to go.

2. Cutting down frequency can mean lengthening the time between use – from bump to bump or run to run; the more time you take off from speed use the better for your body and mind.

3. Maybe you can extend the time between hits? Wait 20 minutes this time then 30 minutes the next time and so on. Maybe you’ll find you don’t actually want or need that next hit.

4. How long does what you buy usually last? Are you a gram a weekend kind of guy? Next time buy half your usual amount and make it last for the same period of time.

5. Get some paper and a pencil. Write down how much you use, when and where you use it, and how much you spend on it. Try this for a week or so. You may be surprised.

6. Ask your friends who don’t use to do stuff with you on days you usually use. Periodically but regularly breaking the pattern may lead to less frequent use.

7. Delete those dealer and hook-up numbers from your cell phone. If you can’t call them maybe they won’t call you.

8. Change your on-line profile to indicate ‘No PNP’. Check out a CMA meeting. Or come to drop-in at Stonewall or Magnet. The folks at Stonewall are ready to meet with you and talk about whatever you want to talk about.

9. Plan crystal-free weekends. Schedule activities ahead of time so you don’t get bored. Make commitments with other people so you are less likely to change your mind and get high.

10. Have a plan for your money. Pocket money or handy cash can really be a challenge. Spend your money on other things as soon as you get paid or put it in the bank.

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