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While You’re Using

1. Drink lots of water when you’re using. Crystal meth use is dehydrating and this can lead to feeling bad and all sorts of health problems.

2. If you’re snorting crystal meth, have your own straw or bumper. After you use, try a squirt of saline spray or a snort of warm water up each nostril. This can help keep nasal passages clean and clear. It also makes it a little easier on delicate tissues.

3. If you’re slamming, use alcohol swabs, fresh cotton and your own brand new point each time you use. Sharing needles can spread HIV and Hepatitis C. Be sure to clean a spot before you hit so that you avoid abscesses and other infections.

4. Sugar may be tempting but if you’ve got an appetite while using try some protein and complex carbs. Did somebody order a burrito in whole wheat tortilla?

5. Tuna fish is another great food. It’s loaded with protein, tyrosine, tryptophan and other stuff to restore a weary tweaker. Plus there are no dishes to wash off if you eat it from the can!

6. Tell your regular using friends what your limits are, preferably before you get high. Stay firm to your goal, even if they make jokes or try to “tempt” you otherwise.

7. Establish a “purchase limit” with your dealer. Yes, some dealers WILL do this to keep you a stable and sane customer!

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