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using too much?




How can you tell if you’re using too much? First of all, ‘too much’ can mean several things ??? the amount you use, how often you use, or what happens when you use. In each case, you probably have an idea of what feels acceptable for you. Some guys set limits for their use. Going beyond these limits could have negative results that just aren’t worth the price ??? health problems, guilt, relationship stress, etc.

Complete this sentence:

"My crystal use is okay if..."

Examples might include:

I don’t miss work.
I only get high on Friday nights.
I always use condoms.
I only use one quarter per weekend.

As you make your list, you may start to see which rules you are currently keeping and which rules you’re bending. If you're bending more rules than you're comfortable with, you might be reaching your ‘Too Much’ zone.

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