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Check it out! If you use speed you've got a reason you do it, right? And, whether you realize it or not, you might have reasons for not using as much or deciding that never starting or changing things so you're not using at all is the way to go.

Here's a small list of reasons that some of us here at tweaker.org HQ have for doing meth, doing it less or not doing it at all. Any seem familiar?

Why We Party

1. I do it for the high. The rush. The euphoria. (Duh!)

2. The SEX! For me, sex is synonymous with speed. And it’s for the ‘freaky sex,’ going places I would never go without speed.

3. Endurance: To dance all night or all weekend ??? on the floor or between the sheets!

4. To be a bottom. It’s the only way I can relax and enjoy receptive anal sex.

5. To ease social anxiety. Speed gives me an incredible sense of confidence and self esteem. When I first did it, I thought ‘this is what I’ve been missing’.

6. To fit in with the club scene guys and to pick up guys on-line who might not look at me otherwise.

7. The weight loss. Crystal meth curbs my appetite. It’s the ‘Jenny Crank’ Diet.

8. I do it to boost creativity with hobbies or art. Productivity at work. Or to do housecleaning or other repetitive tasks.

Why We Cut Back

1. I developed bed sores from sitting in front of that computer for DAYS looking for "the hotter one.”

2. My dealer cut me off out of concern.


3. Because I’ve seen so many people lose control with it, I only let myself use twice a year.

4. Because smoking speed in the bathroom at work just isn’t cool. I’ll only let myself do it on weekends.

5. I had to give myself a break after I woke up in the pile of clothes I started folding 2 days before.

6. I would spend hours looking for a piece of glass in the carpet only to realize I was in the other room when I was getting high.

7. My loved one is on it too but we both think the other doesn't know.

Why We Quit

1. Cause I got so psychotic on it one night that I called the cops because I thought Tallulah Bankhead was trapped inside my heating ducts.

2. Because my boyfriend left me when I couldn’t stop.

3. I'm HIV positive and I though that I might as well have fun before dying then realized I would live longer if I didn't use.

4. I realized I spent all my time in front of my fried computer, piles of soda cans and cigarette butts heaped around me, to find that 6 months had passed without even realizing it.

5. I lost the job I had for 13 years.

6. I knew more then one person named "Rocky" and none of them are boxers.

7. It was time to quit when most of the people I hung out with had names with descriptives in front of them like Texas Tony, Bicycle Joe or Fast Danny.

8. It was my time to lay it all down when I always thought I had a use for everything I found on the street and so brought it all home with me.

9. One of my window blinds was bent just enough for my eye to fit. That’s when it was time to quit.

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