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remember when...?



While preparing ourselves for the Spring and Summer, we decided to bring a campaign back from the past. It’s updated a bit, with more information about Stonewall Project, our parent program. But mostly, it’s the same deliciously simple but sneakily informative campaign from 2008!

While we were working on the larger-scale and much more involved “Sex Pigs” campaign in 2008, we decided we needed something to get the Tweaker.org message out there in the mean time. Members of the Tweak Team and a few other community volunteers were instrumental in designing what became the “Remember When?” campaign. We needed a quick and easy, down and dirty filler campaign and this is what we got!

With “Remember When?” we were hoping to address escalating use and ways guys might recognize that their use is moving in a direction they may not want it to go. We wanted this four-part series to be simple and pointed, so we opted for a low-tech, low-design look.

First we were given access to a familiarly subtle yet in-yer-face font. Next we took some photos and bought a few stock images. Then with a bit of quick, and not necessarily so easy, Photoshop action, we had our campaign.

Each of the four large-format posters in the series will have an accompanying palm card. Each card provides specific information about escalating crystal use and how guys can assess their own use. We hope that it’s with this information in mind that guys can decide, for themselves, if it’s time to do something about their crystal use. And, ideally, what to it is they want to and can do to change their use before it gets out of hand.


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