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We’ve tried our best to compile a great list of resources for your benefit, but Tweaker.org does not endorse or guarantee any of the services from the organizations listed on this page.

Acceptance Place
Baker Places, Inc.

San Francisco, CA
(415) 864-1515
Residential secondary substance treatment program for gay men. You’re going to have to contact Baker Places for intake and primary treatment first. A case manager or counselor at another agency might be able to help you get into this program.

AIDS Substance Abuse Program (ASAP)
Call 415-939-6882 or 415-476-3902 Monday to Friday 9 - 5 pm
ASAP provides substance use and harm reduction counseling and case management for people with concerns about HIV, mental health and substance use. They also have a harm reduction group every Thursday from 10:30-12noon. Some services are available in Spanish.

Alcoholics Anonymous
(415) 674-1821
Call for a schedule of meeting times and locations. There are hundreds of meetings every week throughout San Francisco and the Bay area.

Al-Anon and AlaTeen
San Francisco Info-Line
(415) 626-5633

Crystal Meth Anonymous Meetings
For more information about Crystal Meth Anonymous meetings in San Francisco,
check out their website: http://www.norcalcma.org/meetings

Not in San Francisco? CMA has meetings all over the country! Check them out at crystalmeth.org. (415) 362-3400

A 24-hour hot line that provides information about and referrals to various substance treatment programs.

HealthRight 360 Haight Ashbury Free Clinic/ Walden House
1735 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 415-226-1775
Offering integrated whole-person care, we specialize in providing primary medical care, residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment, mental health services, and reentry support programs for men, women and families

Harm Reduction Therapy Center
offices in San Francisco and Oakland
(415) 863-4282
The Harm Reduction Therapy Center (HRTC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing alternative treatment to people with drug and alcohol problems. Harm Reduction Psychotherapy is based on the belief that substance abuse develops in each individual from a unique interaction of biological, psychological, and social factors. Harm Reduction Psychotherapy is a non-judgmental approach and respects that people use drugs for reasons. It addresses the complex relationship that people develop with drugs and alcohol. Drug and alcohol issues are addressed simultaneously with social and occupational concerns and psychological and emotional issues. Anyone is welcome in our treatment, regardless of the status of their drug use and regardless of their primary concerns or goals. A person’s goals can range from complete abstinence to controlled or safer use based on a desire to improve health, relationships, or one’s functioning in the world. Harm Reduction Therapy is suited for anyone who: is questioning whether their use of drugs and alcohol is a problem, has tried abstinence-based approaches and found them to be ineffective or undesirable, relapses frequently after attempts to be clean and sober, also suffers from emotional or psychiatric problems and wants help with these issues simultaneously, or prefers an alternative way of thinking about their drug use.
Check out their website: www.harmreductiontherapy.org.

The Latino Commission
301 Grand Avenue #301, South San Francisco, CA
The Latino Commission provides residential and outpatient alcohol and/or other drug services primarily for Latino men and women. We offer education and counseling in a culturally based environment on many subjects such as anger/life management, domestic violence and relapse prevention. An emphasis is placed on sobriety and family reunification. Our program can be from six months to one year.

All participants attend self-help groups and are referred to community agencies for medical, mental health issues and other type of support services, if needed.

"Empower your sober self." LifeRing offers secular abstinence-based meetings that allow and encourage supportive "cross talk." Do you think that the 12-Steps aren't for you? Then maybe LifeRing is the way to go?
Check out their website, www.unhooked.com or a meeting and see for yourself!

Marin Treatment Center
1466 Lincoln Avenue
San Rafael, CA 94901
phone (415) 457-3755
vm (415) 553-5529
fax (415) 457-0849
MTC specializes in serving people with drug and/or alcohol problems. MTC offers harm reduction case management, which does not require that they participate in treatment or recovery services, to people with HIV. MTC provides drug free counseling, drug diversion, and Proposition 36 services to individuals in the criminal justice system who qualify for services.

Narcotics Anonymous
(415) 621-8600
Call for meeting times and locations. There are hundreds of meetings every week throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area.

Smart Recovery
(415) 673-2848
Check out their website: www.smartrecovery.org.

The Stonewall Project The Stonewall Project offers individual and group harm reduction counseling to bi, gay & queer men who want to change some aspect of their drug and/or alcohol use. 1035 Market St. Suite 400(415) 487-3100 www.stonewallsf.org

The Stonewall Project is a non-shaming & sex positive counseling program for gay, bi, & trans men looking to make changes to their crystal meth, crack cocaine, powder cocaine, GHB, Ketamine, alcohol &/or other drug use.  We offer a broad range of services that recognize your strengths, integrate substance use & mental health counseling, mindfulness & wellness services. Stonewall is a treatment program committed to the harm-reduction philosophy. We invite you to bring all of who you are to services on your  journey toward improved health, relationships, or functioning in the world.  All goals are welcome, supported, & respected.

Self-Directed Program: Each week Stonewall offers a variety of walk in groups, book clubs, harm reduction education opportunities, syringe exchange services, individual counseling, & wellness  services like meditation, massage & acupuncture. No paperwork, no intake, no waits. You decide what services are a good fit.

Structured Enrolled Program: After attending three orientation groups & meeting with Stonewall’s Intake Coordinator Kevin Mosley, you will be matched with a skilled therapist, social worker, or certified addiction counselor for six to eighteen months & attend two groups each week designed to support your goals. Additionally, Stonewall offers     elective groups on healing trauma, stress, anger, communication, sex & sexuality, Mindfulness & Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). Depending on your individual needs, we provide psychiatric assessments, anti-depressants/mood stabilizers or other psychiatric medications, & assistance linking to & obtaining services at other agencies.

Questions? Walk in Mon-Fri at 4PM 1035 Market, 4th floor or call (415) 487-3100 & speak with a counselor.

Westside Community Services - HIV/AIDS Services
Westside Community Behavioral Health Services provides treatment to San Francisco adult residents 18 or older who are chronically mentally ill, homeless and mentally ill, elderly, individuals with ethnic and/or lifestyle diversity, or individuals with co-occurring disorders. Community Behavioral Health Services also provides a comprehensive range of chemical dependency services. Westside seeks to provide an integrated mental health and substance abuse treatment service to residents in need, to foster a holistic plan of care and recovery.
Call 415-431-9000 or visit www.westside-health.org.

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