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The Stonewall Project is a San Francisco program that offers individual and group harm reduction counseling to bi, gay & queer men who want to change some aspect of their alcohol and/or drug use.www.stonewallsf.org 1035 Market St. 4th floor, San Francisco CA (415) 487-3100

The Speed Project  Suck, fuck and party safer! A San Francisco harm reduction program for gay/bi/heteroflexible guys. Drop in groups, massage, acupuncture, and syringe exchange. Come high, come low, come sober, come as you are!  www.tspsf.com (415) 487-8043  Check out  Speedometer Zine Online and the Broke but Not Bored in SF

Stimulant Overdose Information- Kick ass pamphlet!

Crystal Neon/Seattle Counseling Services at crystalneon.org [Read Daddy T's website review]

DanceSafe is a nonprofit organization promoting health and safety within the rave and nightclub community.www.dancesafe.org

The Harm Reduction Coalition is a non profit organization committed to reducing drug-related harm to individuals and communities.www.harmreduction.org

HIV Medication and Street Drug Interactions: The University of Liverpool has created very nifty Drug Interaction Tools and Charts.  You customize your own search by choosing from an alphabetical list of drugs (that includes HIV medications, psychiatric mediations, over the counter medications, antibiotics, street drugs etc.) and then you view your results. The website will create PDF file for you (if you want it) categorizing your results.  You will have information about drugs that should not be co-administered, Potential interactions that may require close monitoring, alteration of drug dosage or timing of administration, whether no clinically significant interaction expected, or instances where there are no clear data, actual or theoretical, to indicate whether an interaction will occur.  Click here to check it out! http://www.hiv-druginteractions.org/checker

Looking for Needle Exchange in Los Angeles, click here.

Looking for Needle Exchange in San Francisco, click here.

Overdose Prevention and Response Looking for Naloxone and information about how to prevent and respond to ovedose? If you live in San Francisco check out the DOPE Project for a free training and legal prescription for Naloxone the medication the reverses an opiate overdose.

4122 18th Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
Magnet is a place where gay men connect. In addition to our clinical services, Magnet is also an art gallery, lounge and internet café. We are a place where people can engage and participate or just hang out.  A program of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, we're unique in our approach to total health - we promote the physical, mental and social well-being of gay men. www.magnetsf.org

Marin Treatment Center
1466 Lincoln Avenue San Rafael, CA 94901  phone (415) 457-3755  www.marintreatmentcenter.org
MTC specializes in serving people with drug and/or alcohol problems. MTC offers harm reduction case management, which does not require that they participate in treatment or recovery services, to people with HIV. MTC provides drug free counseling, drug diversion, and Proposition 36 services to individuals in the criminal justice system who qualify for services.


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