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hiv resources




We've tried our best to compile a great list of resources for your benefit, but Tweaker.org does not endorse or guarantee any of the services from the organizations listed on this page.

AIDS Education Global Information System
The largest free access virtual HIV and AIDS information database in the world providing info for clinicians, patients and anybody else who wants to learn about the history and latest developments in HIV/AIDS treatment and research.

AIDS/HIV Nightline
SF: (415) 434-AIDS
California: 1 (800) 273-AIDS
The nightline provides emotional support, crisis counseling and information. Available 5pm to 5am, seven nights a week.

AIDS Emergency Fund
(415) 558-6999 http://www.aef-sf.org/
Provides financial assistance to people with disabling HIV. Office volunteers needed for day shifts.

Asians & Pacific Islanders with HIV
API Wellness Center http://www.apiwellness.org/home.html
San Francisco, CA
(415) 292-3400 x336
Weekly support group, activities, retreats, treatment info.

Bay Positives
(415) 487-1616 http://www.baypositives.org/
Provides recreational and emotional support for people up to 26 years old living with HIV. Ongoing support groups meet weekly.

Black Coalition on AIDS (BCA)
(415) 615-9945 http://bcoa.org/index.html
BCA provides program for the Black community that promote healthy lifestyles and support individuals living with HIV/AIDS.

California HIV/AIDS Hotline
1-800-367-AIDS (2437)
The hotline is open to receive calls from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays and from 9:00 am - 9:00 pm on Tuesdays.
The hotline provides HIV, AIDS, and STD information, referrals and emotional support for callers throughout California. Calls are taken and answered in English and Spanish.

Clinica Esperanza
(415) 431-3212 http://mnhc.org/ClinicaServices.shtml
The HIV Clinic at Mission Neighborhood Health Center provides comprehensive bilingual HIV services. Sliding scale fees.

330 Ellis Street, Suite 518 (415) 674-6000
San Francisco, CA
Free, confidential OraQuick HIV antibody testing and risk reduction counseling.

Larkin Street Youth Services
(800) 669-6196
Larkin Street has two unique programs to serve HIV+ youth ages 18-25 years old. The Assisted Care program is a residential program for youth who require special assistance in their everyday lives. The Aftercare Program provides support to our clients living in the community. We assist clients in finding housing and provide housing subsidies supplemented with a spectrum of health care and case management services. The treatment philosophy promotes strong peer support, structured activities, on-site supervision, counseling and medical services in a relaxed setting.

National Association of People With AIDS
NAPWA provides free and up-to-date information on HIV funding, grants, insurance, benefits, legal issues and more.

Native American AIDS Project
1540 Market Street, Suite 425 http://naap-ca.org/
San Francisco, CA
Info/intake: (415) 431-6227
Support, resources and advocacy for Native Americans/Alaskan Natives and their families affected by HIV.

Project Open Hand
1 (800) 551-6325 for intake info. http://www.openhand.org/
Provides free prepared meals, groceries and nutrition counseling for people with symptomatic and disabling HIV disease.

San Francisco AIDS Foundation
1035 Market Street, 4th Floor
San Francisco, CA
(415) 487-3000 http://www.sfaf.org/
HIV/STD testing & counseling, HCV testing, support groups & workshops, housing & benefits counseling, outpatient drug & alcohol counseling and syring access.

San Francisco City Clinic
356 7th Street
San Francisco, CA
(415) 487-5500 http://www.sfcityclinic.org/
STD testing, counseling and treatment; and HIV testing and counseling, HIV early care, and post-exposure prevention.

Westside Community Services - HIV/AIDS Services
Westside's AIDS Case Management and Home Care Program is one of the oldest providers of HIV services to high-risk populations in San Francisco. As a comprehensive service provider, Westside has the unique opportunity to pass the benefits of our rich history and experience to our clients. Westside's experience providing Home Care and Case Management services to individuals living with AIDS spans more than a decade. This program is funded by Ryan White Title I monies through the City and County of San Francisco, the State General Fund, and the Medi-Cal AIDS Waiver Program. Westside's program has served over 890 clients since its inception. The Home Care Program has provided hundreds of San Franciscans living with AIDS to remain in their homes during the later stages of their illness.
Call 415-355-0311 or visit www.westside-health.org.


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