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this little sex piggy...



this little sex piggy


We want to tell you a little bit about our newest campaign. This Little Sex Piggy is our second foray into using photos of actual people instead of the usual illustrations of characters. We did our first photo campaign in 2006, when a bevy of porn stars donated their time and energy for the Hot Sex Without Crystal? Hell Yes! campaign.

Let's face it, porn stars are hot to look at, in action or in posed stills. And they do lend a certain cred to our efforts; if a porn star supports something, chances are some guys out there will too. But this time around we decided to try something different. We decided to try to get some regular, real-life guys to model for the campaign. We thought that the guys who see this campaign might identify more with "regular" guys and so see themselves in the situations and scenes, and moments of decision-making, the photos offer.

When we decided that we were going to make This Little Sex Piggy a full-on campaign, with print materials as well as website pop-ups, we focused in on the stuff we've been hearing from you guys. Through the True Stories section of the site, on the Forum and when we'd talk with some of you at clubs or street fairs, we found that some of us, when we're tweaking, tend to get into sex that we might otherwise not get into. Meaning extreme sex, pig sex, leather sex, what have you. And we also found that some guys already into those scenes need information about crystal and encouragement to explore how crystal use impacts their lives.

So, in mid-March 2008, five wonderful guys stepped up and participated in a 3 hour photo shoot in a freezing cold studio. Extra freezing, maybe, since the models were asked to strip down as far as they were comfortable; the guys got into it so we had bondage gear, sleazy jeans, jock straps, boxers and briefs and even full-frontal on the set.

These "regular" guys are a set of total troupers! Super big tweaker.org love and thanks go out to Cosgrove, Daniel, Jorge, Mike and Zachary for their time, dedication, bravery and seemingly innate ability to take art direction.

If you've got questions or comments about This Little Sex Piggy, we'd love the hear them! Hit us up at info@tweaker.org.


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