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Hi I’m Randy I’m twenty-one! My parents are Amish and I was raised Amish but left when I turned sixteen. At age sixteen I tried meth and was hooked by seventeen. I was shooting up by eighteen. I was manufacturing and cooking anywhere from three to seven times a week. I became so bad I couldn’t work anymore and I lost my job then got clean and got another job stayed clean for nine months then decided I could cook one more batch and walk away. Yeah right! Here I am two years from that month and I’m facing fifteen years in prison at age 21!
No, they didn’t catch me with anything. I got snitched on by the guy who lived out in the country and whose house I was cooking at got popped off and was charged with two class x felonies. However he snitched on me and he got probation! I was clean when they picked me up on a warrant but I guess his word against mine. I’m headed to the D.O.C. The past two years are a blur. I lost my job again dropped to 125lbs soaking wet and was cooking over two ounces a week and shooting up between three to seven grams a day and was eating like
a normal person. Today I’m still waiting to get sentenced and was charged with manufacturing 400 to 900 grams of methamphetamines. But guess what? I still get high occasionally cause that rush to the head when I pull the needle from my arm is just the greatest feeling ever. I love putting about sixty units in my arms and feel myself cum in my pants before the needle leaves my arm but I know the danger too. It will fuck your life up, take everything you got, and ever had and is not picky you can be rich, poor, doctor, lawyer or even like me {raised AMISH} it will take you for a ride so hang on and hope you get out before you end up where I did. I’m tweaked right now. LOL! What a shame. I’m an addict, no joke. 21 and addicted for the rest of my life!


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