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devil's dance



Here we are again
That place we often go
Where tend riled smoke
Floats in the air
And time becomes our foe
We hate to work
And bitch a lot
And hardly work
At the jobs we've got!
Like ice my hands
Like grease my face
These blotchy masks
Wear our disgrace
Yet, Euphoric heights
Are often reached
We drift in sweetest bliss
Our heartbeats race
Blood lust boils
Darkness' wicked kiss?
Escaping to this tiny cloud
We leave our cares behind
Instead we live in passion's grasp
And trappings of the mind
Entwined in love and sacred sin
The ritual begins
Time on pause
We contemplate
What lies beneath the grin
The world drifts by
In shadow realms
We build our castle high
No earthly bounds
Restrict our flight
In skies we paint with lies
You and I uniquely tied
In our mutual disease
Reality is blurred and honed
In what each other sees
Before the devil
Knows we're dead
The angels have a shot –
To rent our grasp
From such as this
Temptation's bloody clot
For time will tell
Our lover's fate
If darkness pulls us in
Or if our dance ends just as fast
As whence it first begins.


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