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He Wanted To Become a Hustler




SF, Summer of 2008
He wanted to become a hustler, a porn star, he wanted to serve those hot and tall, masculine all American men, he was convinced, that that was his calling, that he had been designed for that, and no other purpose. Never had he experienced such incredible, extreme, heavenly pleasure as the one he had discovered with t and getting fist fucked. The above ideas were only natural. San Francisco, looked majestic, like a dream, just party a lil bit, he thought, after all when you get to LA, you’ll be working non stop. San Francisco wasn’t the sex heaven he expected, sex had been practically outlawed to stop the AIDS epidemic, a bathhouse full of hot sexy men, was simply not a reality in the SF bay area. But that was not an obstacle, online he met some guys, they were big time into ff and one of them looked sexy as fuck. Like in some kind of omen, he just couldn’t find a cab, but well this was SF not LA, so he found a cab, soon he was with three guys, 2 white guys, and a black guy. It turns out that the really hot guy, was upstairs, doing who knows what. He found himself with a not so good-looking guy, and a skinny black guy.

Do you want to slam? The not so good looking guy asked, I’ve always been curious about it, XCL said, mmm, Ok, I wanna do it. My roommate is very good at it, I’ll ask him to slam you. The roommate was the hot guy, he looked like a Tom of Finland drawing, only in San Francisco, could all this incredible adventure taken place. 

Not so good-looking guy, was kind enough, to explain that sometimes, people experience some coughing after slamming. After the point, XCL coughed a little, and then he asked: is it OK if I lay down for a minute? While he was laying down on the floor, first he heard a noise, the noise seemed to travel, from one ear to the other, afterwards, he saw something coming out of his body, it was something he had never seen before, it looked like nothing you’ve seen, but if we were to compare it with things of this world, it looked like a combination of liquid and vapor, he realized he was dying, so he thought: “not here, not now, I still have to be a porn actor”, as soon as he thought that, the stuff that was getting out of him, came back to his body. At that moment, XCL couldn’t talk, he could only think, he was convinced that if he closed his eyes, he would loose consciousness, he had to remind himself to breath, the three guys were worried, the one that seemed more worried, was the one that was less high, who happened to be Mr. Tom of Finland drawing guy. Not so good-looking guy was saying that he was going to call his friend that was a doctor.

After 6 hours XCL, was finally able to move, and talk, and then he felt a horniness, he had never experienced, he needed to get fisted, but it wasn’t really out of horniness, but out of the desire to hold on to something from this world.

Tom of Finland drawing guy, fisted XCL like a champ, and then skinny black guy double fisted him for the first time, he was in pig heaven. All the guys were really cool, if I had been in LA the guys would have put me in the street or something, XCL thought later when he could think, all were nice, but the black guy, acted very, kindly, humane if you will, he probably saved XCL’s life, cause he needed human compassion, he held his hand, and listened to his delirium, and double fisted him of course, he even gave XCL his pipe, I mean for a tweaker to give you his pipe, that is the equivalent of giving you his heart and soul.


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