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I Promise I Won't Do It Again



I didn’t really didn’t like him, but I thought: "I’ll go there, get high, fuck him a little, and then I can come back home, and fuck with guys I like". It was a horrible experience, the drug provider wanted to get his ‘drug’s worth’, he demanded to get fucked and fisted, and he just wouldn’t stop. He wasn’t that bad, but he wasn’t that hot either, at some point he seemed like a monster demanding more and more cock and fist, like if he knew, I had only gone to his place to get high. It felt awful, like if I was loosing my basic humanity. Fucking somebody just to get high WTF. I wanted to say: leave me alone, ur fucking 20 bucks of t, are not enough. Were I a hustler I would be charging you $200 an hour, take ur fucking hole out of my dick already. Who was more evil after all, him or I? We were pretty much the same, I guess.

I won’t do that again, I promise to buy my own stuff, and only have sex with guys I like, cause the above, feels like hell.


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