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meth makes me cross dress



Hi. I am a 27-year-old living and playing in San Francisco. I have been using meth on and off ever since my rave days back in 99. However, it wasn't until 2002 that I really started to have the "group and house" for which to go to. Most tweakers know what I'm talking about. This is that select group of people who decide to give up about 2 to 6 months of their time to dive into the party world of "anything goes" that is meth. At first it seemed fun. It was something different, and although for me it was old hat to get with a group of friends, and do drugs, this drug was different. When I was younger pot was the choice. I spent many a wasted night at some friend’s house getting stoned, eating, and watching TV or playing video games. This seems to be a recurring thing for druggies. To find some place where this type of behavior is accepted comfortably. Pot grew into ecstasy and raving, which in turn led to all night partying aided by meth. Eventually, the party wore thin when George Bush type spin logic was used to justify everything from, "oh, I've been waiting out here for you, and you're not coming because I did it to you once, ok?” to "and I hit him because he's an asshole." Tweaker justification is disgusting. It's what tweakers use to justify stealing money from their roommates, friends, and family "because it's there". I still do meth on occasion, though not to the frequency that I used to do it before. I have a weakness. Whenever I drink too much, I feel the only way to overcome the disgusting unbearable feeling of being drunk, is to "sober" myself up with meth. This does lose the drunken feeling, however now your body has to deal with meth, being still technically drunk, and coming down. Ah, our poor bodies.

I also used to enjoy dressing in drag (still do), when I’m on meth. Weird huh? This only happens with meth. I dress up, (I look pretty hot mind you), and then I like to parade my hot bod around for everyone to see and comment. I guess I love the feeling of being adored as a women. Gay and straight men have come on to me during my drag sessions, and I have had sexual encounters with a couple of guys and gals. I’m straight with tendencies which surface after meth hits. So what’s the point? Not sure, just that everybody's body is different and some can do it casually, while others unfortunately fall victim. Just don't be shady, eat something, drink lots of water, use Xanax for the come down, and dance the night away!


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