We are updating our site as of November 2017. While much of what is on this site is accurate, you may encounter out of date information as this site has not been updated for a while. Please be patient with us as we get everything current.
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We could not exist without the efforts of those who are willing to put forth their time and energy into this project. Here's a list of our contributors, both past and present.

Michael Angelo
Michael Angelo's fascination with crystal meth began in a college film class where he watched Neely O'Hara down her dope in Jackie Susann's famed classic, Valley of the Dolls. After a brief turn as a failed actress they drummed him right out of Hollywood, so he came crawling to San Francisco. Soon, he learned to slam speed with other sexually ambiguous trade, working the gutters of Polk Gulch. Today, a little worse for wear, he is a fierce Harm Reduction advocate and believes in the motto, "If you're gonna do it, do it right."

Besides his contributions to both the website and real-time outreach efforts here at tweaker.org, Michael has been a volunteer with HPP needle exchange. He is pursuing vocational ventures in queer health issues.

Steve Fabus
A well-known DJ in the party circuit for the last 20 years, Steve is now the resident DJ at our Tina’s Café events. Steve has played in clubs in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York, including: The End Up, Trocadero, Colossus, Dreamland, Metropolis, Palladium, Score!, Thick and Factory as well as at the White Party in Palm Springs. Also a cartoonist, Steve's work has been published in Gay Sunshine, The San Francisco Sentinel and in several underground publications.

I've lived and loved in San Francisco for 35 years. My very first lovers were a groupie to the Cockettes; an employee/friend of Harvey in his camera shop; a Vietnam biker vet druggie; and one of the first Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. I am a long term survivor and value fitness, serenity, live music, dark beer, and most of all, my nephew and my 2 cats.

Kevin M.
I enjoy the inside of my head more when it feels different from how it feels on its own. As a child I was fond of spinning around in circles then suddenly stopping and trying to stand still. Graduated to sniffing El Marko and inhaling deeply the deadly cool scent of a freshly mimeographed sheet of paper. Eventually left these early easy things behind and made my way to and through a host of chemical (self-prescribed, mostly) up, down and outta-my-head experiences.  
In addition to being the answer man when people write us here at tweaker.org, I work as a counselor at The Stonewall Project. It is my hope and intention to help my gay brothers move through and, if they want to, beyond their use of speed.

Pedro came to tweaker.org fresh out of grad school, full of energy and ready to hit the clubs and street corners, tweak packs in hand. Since being here he has whipped us into shape, with an attitude that would make RuPaul proud. Be sure to say hi to him at the street fairs - he's the one dancing like there's no tomorrow.

Mike D.
If there's someone who knows what he's doing, it's Mike D. After fifteen years of working in HIV prevention focusing on health and wellness for gay men, he joined forces with tweaker.org and is now the co-captain of our squad. Gimme a M - M!

Ian came directly to Tweaker.org from the Land of Oz! And we were lucky to have him on the team. With lots of magic and his hands full of tweak packs, he could seen working the clubs with our fabulous peer educators. He's off to grad school now. And while we miss him something awful we wish him nothing but the best and thank him for his time, love and commitment to the cause.

Michael Waddell
Michael was with us as our web guy from 2006 - 2007. He did a bang up job with all our crazy updates, image manipulation, and new content creation. He helped launch Tweaker en Español in 2007. He is a graphic designer and illustrator and can be found running his own graphics business at www.aftermath-creative.com.

Steven Duarte
Here you have the man who helped create our look, our logo and our characters.  Steven did the illustrations of our Speed Demon logo, the Sweaty Guy who appears on the Crystal & Your Body page and Rigz, our safer slamming character.

Steven has stuck with tweaker.org through thick and thin: annual budget conniptions, a slower than molasses expense reimbursement system, staff changes and the inevitable drama inherent to projects like ours. .

Speed Demon
You know him as our logo and have probably seen him around in print ads as well as here on the website. Around the office we’ve been calling him Trevor for years now but no one can recall exactly when or why he acquired that name. We’ve been toying with the idea of having a “Name The Speed Demon” contest so stay tuned.

We intend for the Demon to personify all the things we think we are when we’re high: buff, hot, freaky, sexy, ready to hit it. We also think of him as representative of whom it is we think we’re going to hook up with when we party and play; again, someone buff, hot, freaky, sexy and ready to rock. Funny though, sometimes, how the reality of how we are and with whom we end up is far from what or how or who we want it to be.

Sweaty Guy
He’s twitchy and shaky and he’s grinding his teeth. And we've all met him in our real lives, right? Nobody doesn't love Sweaty Guy. You’ll find him on the Crystal & Your Body page where he gives his all, literally, as you scroll down his body from head to foot. All the bits and pieces come popping out so you can learn about what speed can do and will do to and for your body. And if you scroll around just right he drops his drawers like any good tweaker might if you ask him right …

This red-head in the new wave shirt could be a spokesmodel for Becton-Dickson, maker of fine syringes and other medical supplies. But he’s not. Rigz is the guy who hosts our Safer Slamming page and appears in the “Rigz Shoots Clean” brochure that you can download as a PDF. We love him just the way he is since he looks after himself while he parties and tries to help other do the same.

Duane Lindoff
I’m in my early 50’s and I became interested in Tweaker.org as a direct result of my own descent into crystal meth addiction. Three years ago, I would have sworn that I would never become an addict. After regaining a modicum of sanity, I discovered that my beliefs about drugs and addiction were mostly myths. I feel compelled to reach out to others who might be looking for a different way. I’m also compelled to finally take part in my community. If an old codger like me can now be of assistance to anyone else in improving the quality of their own life, I’m there. Besides, being involved with Tweaker.org is cheaper than partying, it’s fun, and I’m finally making some new friends.

Robert Kirsch (1961-2001)
Robert's spirit has been one of the guiding lights that drove the design and production of this website. While he did not have the chance offer his personal experience as content for the site, so very much of his life is illustrated in these virtual pages that it seems as though he did. Despite struggling with illness and substance use, he never stopped being a colorful personality, a great teacher and an amazing friend. In the darkest hours he took great joy from creating opportunities for others to find their own path and from helping others learn to believe in themselves. He was a visionary with a generous heart full of laughter.

Michael Siever
He's a busy one, that Michael Siever. He splits his time between the Tweak Team and his other duties as Director of Behavioral Health at the S.F. AIDS Foundation. Using the moniker Dr. Mikey, he was the resident speed expert who answered questions from those visiting the original website. We are lucky to have him here as our guide and guru.

Maija Ollila
Maija’s artwork has been used in our “Losing It?” campaign. The Speed Project at SF AIDS Foundation has more of her work as their logo illustration. In addition to making art and music, Maija keeps us on task and in line during our weekly staff meeting. We’ve always got a lot to talk about and are all over the map and Maija keeps track of it all in a way that never ceases to amaze us.

Joey Downey, MA
Few men can pull off community outreach dressed up as the Speed Demon, featuring white full-body maquillage no less, but Joey can, and did. His contacts in the club scene opened up a lot of doors for us and helped tweaker.org become recognized as a legit community resource. His boyish good looks, warm smile and infectious laughter carried us through peer educator training weekends, all-day & all-night outreach events and endless weekly meetings. We miss him and his I-pod!

Matthew Denckla
Matthew was the original tweaker.org coordinator. He was the one who assembled the team that put together the site’s original content and architecture. He’s the guy who laid the foundation, a very sturdy one, that we’ve been building upon ever since. We are forever grateful for the time, love and energy Matthew gave this project!

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